Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Article written 1999-2000 ( Nairobits student.

Edited; 18-07-09


It was on a Tuesday morning whereby I had to leave to the Promised Land of which I had never been to. No creature lived there but it was pleasant place for human being to live in. My journey started without difficulties but the more I increased steps the more it became difficult and dangerous thus remember a thousand miles begin only with one step.
It was so lonely and tiresome; I climbed rocks, mountains and even crossed rivers. Although I had never been terrified I kept it cool. I reached a place where the wind blew merrily and on top of trees there where birds singing their sweet melodies thus on the ground it was a green pasture of which I was the first human being to step on it. To my surprise I was caught asleep until dawn when I woke up. Thus I was to decide for myself where the Promised Land was thus I thought it was there, of which I stood in that place and gave it a name which was an island and rely it was. As for now I still live there ruling the island.
Written by: Wilson Masaka

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