Monday, July 20, 2009

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Inter culture: Ruben ( Netherlands) Mbarak (Zanzibar) Wilson (Kenya)
Different countries, color, cultures, religion but one people, one world, peace, love and unity.

Tribute goes to: Lucky Dube ( Reggae music artist)

Express yourself...

Today's lesson was amazing we learned how to expressed ourselves using words and fonts styles both from pen and paper, group discussion, presentation and later we explored the same using computer. Here is what the student's had to say...

"The name of our font is heart font & the word is heart, this means every person has a heart & without heart you can't live also heart can make person to make something or to fill something example someone to fall in love & can hold it when he has had time of life can take it . the colour which we use in our font is red,blue,green & yellow.
red is show that is danger to play with heart or show love
blue is show sea because heart like quiet place like sea side.
green we are creative & yellow is show heart is so friendly with any one who like it.
by zainab,khamis ,rauhia,salum & abdallah."

"title: We told the wold about "BEACH"
Font name: beautiful relaxation

DESCRIPTION: beach is the place you can use for enjoy your self, when you are in happy or sad.this is fresh for relax your self. please use it for make your mind clear.we use yellow,white, green, black and purple color which represent beach, it can used by any one, have natural resources, sun, peace and so on.


"message ; Reduce the greenhouse gases
short description ; To tell the industrialized countries to cut the production of dangerous gases emitted from the industries, becaues these gases destroy the natural habitat of the world, and eventually the life will be difficult.
by; Abeid, Hakimu, Najim, Eliza, and Said."

Students response received via e-mail

photo me...

starting point pen and a paper

Class presentation...

Practise on the computer with fonts

Teachers illustration (Wilsen-x)

Express yourself.......heeee!

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