Friday, July 31, 2009

Tribute to my grandy

Tribute to my grandy Magdalina Ahero Life is a journey..

Yesterday 30th July 2009 night I didn't have a good sleep, I slept at around 13:30pm mid night! not realizing that I was going to receive a phone call from my sister Nana at around 7:36am that my grandy that has been ailing for more than two years has past way. The news got me with a shock but always put God first and everything will be OK.
Rest in peace grandy we love you but God loved you more than we do. You inspired me positively and I learn a lot from you. When I visited upcountry there was always someone who was taking care of me and making me feel more than home, grandy you are an inspiration to me and may God rest your soul in peace.

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