Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo me 05:08:09

Today's photo me I dedicate this page to the students here in Zanzibits who are really an inspiration to me, they keep me going on and on. My swahili has really improved and I like learning new things and my students too like exploring new stuff day by day. Guys keep the spirit and keep on learning practically and you will never be the same again. Don't be a afraid to fail, it's part of stepping stones to success. No one was born knowing, but we have dedicated time, money, experience, team work, education, passion, talent, networking etc to be where we are now. The mind boggling question is how do you get a working experience and yet you are below twenties? here is the answer, through the simple things we do for our communities, schools, churches,families, volunteerism etc write it in your curriculum vitae and that's how you build up your ten years experience. So if you like computers start now, no one is a pro in this game...

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