Monday, February 1, 2010


Kids too love playing football and in my neighborhood it is the number one sport played and enjoyed by all gender and age groups. This pictures below that I took reminds me when I was a young boy playing in the dusty field not knowing where the future would take me, and from this 'dust of wealth' I have learnt a lot from my peers. The trick is if you keep your eyes on the ball no one will derail or block you from scoring. I remember one of my coaches instructing me that while dribbling the ball one should keep their head high up to see possibilities of passing or scoring. This synergy also applies in life think about it...

One thing that pieces me off is seeing talents going at waste and if that is not enough frustrations on the way. Here I’m talking about sports administrators who are in the position to shape and tap talents in our community by creating facilities that would enable the youth take sports as a serious career like in other countries. While writing this article the talk of the town is of the wonder boy Mariga (National team player – Harambee stars) who will be playing for Manchester city (fingers crossed bro) in the English premier league. This is a great honor for our country and everyone is very optimistic that things will go well and thus create windows of opportunities for many ‘Marigas’ in the country.

Most of my peers desires to play in one of the top leagues in the world and the fact is, it is not an easy road as many might think...tracing history back all Kenyan football players have something to say about the 'dust of wealth' where it all starts. Do you know how much Mariga will earn if the deal goes through? What was his recipe for success? What can be done to make the ‘dust of wealth’ a reality to many youth? This and more are the mind boggling questions I always ask myself.

No matter what...focus!


size doesn't matter!

Great shielding...

What the future holds for can do it! ( Nike- just do it!)

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