Thursday, December 16, 2010

Connecting with yourself : training

What color preference are you? Do you know the right way to give feedback? Do you know a behavior triggers another behavior? This and many more are the lessons content we have been receiving from (Consult Yourself Together) a team from the Netherlands.

First and foremost I would like to thank Nairobits, Butterflyworks and CY2 for organizing the workshop which was very educative and has helped me as a person through understanding myself and how I could use different energies at different situations (green, yellow, red, blue energies).

I would wish the entire World was there at CY2 training. I loved the fun, the approach, team work, time keeping etc. I would recommend any institution to go through the CY2 training, it is really enriching to see how often we take things for granted like how we related to colors and how our behaviors triggers other behaviors, adapting and connecting to situations among other things. Sky is the limit CY2 team…

Watch the video at CY2 training at Nairobits: Learning and working plus fun. I love it!

NairoBits team at the CY2 workshop

Mr. Wouter from CY2 giving lectures.

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