Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great achievement: Every little step counts.

NairoBits 10th anniversary

NairoBits is now 10 years old since inception, during the 10 years of hard work and determination I have seen youth with great potentials, enthusiasm, talents, creativity and passion in whatever they do for a greater future and success of the entire Nairobits. Despite many success stories there have been lots of challenges along the way which I’m glad to say we conquered, thus making NairoBits what it is today. My messages to all current and prospective students are;

  • Stay focus, work on your weakness, and make your strengths even stronger.
  • Let no one distract you by saying that you can’t do it, but choose the way to drive your vehicle, you have the keys to your life. So make the right chooses like enrolling to NairoBits courses, this is one of the many vehicles to the land of success.
  • Our backgrounds should not hinder us from achieving whatever we want in life.
  • God has a purpose for every one of us in this planet, don’t give up.
  • 3D: Dreams, Dedication and Determinations are the swiftest way to succeed.
  • 3C: Don’t Compete (positive completion is good but I mean negative), Compare and Complain stay focus.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the NairoBits 10th year anniversary a success and also everyone who was present at the auspicious celebration, may the Bits be with you all!
I shall remember 27th November 2010 in the many years to come as the coordinator 10th year anniversary which is not a minor achievement for me. From the planning, meetings, determination, challenges, follow up etc as made me a stronger person and I have learnt a lot. I thank Nairobits for giving me this opportunity to lead the team.

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