Saturday, December 25, 2010

WWW of 2010: What Went Well and WWNSW – What Went Not So Well.

During the CY2 workshop I learnt new phrases the WWW and WWN’sW which of late I have been using whenever any opportunity arises. To all that are strong believers of resolutions, wishes or some call them plans. I would like to share with you my own experience as a strong believer of wish lists and plans which we usually make yearly before ushering the New Year.

To me this has been part and parcel of my life whereby in 2007 I developed a personal plan (PP3, my own acronym) for 3 years and by the end of this month I will be using the WWW and WWN’sW to review the 3 years that I had planned for while also celebrating what I have achieved. Something to note though is that after laying down your plans it should be flexible and smart enough to review either weekly or monthly but watch that you don’t change the core dream plan to be achieved.

I would urge everyone to make a plan, resolution or wish list for themselves and family come the end of 2010 or every end of year before ushering the New Year, which to me the year 2011 will be the year of breakthrough. I would love to share some tips with you that will keep you through 2011 and beyond this is what I call the’ ten commandments of a doer’.

By the way I came to realize in this World there are 3 types of people which I have come into personal contact with, and also I have read in a series of articles and publications. I agree with the authors and they are;
  • Those Who Make Things Happen.
  • Those That Watch Things Happen.
  • Those Who have no idea what the Hell is Happening.
What type of a person are you? In 2011 make that turning point or even make your strategies and strengths very compact for greater success.

These are simple guidelines (the’ 10 commandments of a doer’) to be followed if you want to see the fruit of your labor. These are from my own perspective and experiences.

  1. Don’t spend more than you earn.
  2. Make a monthly budget and understand your cash flow.
  3. Save for the future.
  4. Set some realistic project to do.
  5. Make everything part of your system. Don’t procrastinate at the start it will be difficult to keep reviewing, checking and balancing but after all it will grow into you. The champion in you…
  6. Make the WWW and WWN’sW list to review and channel a strategic direction.
  7. Think and make plans that are even more than 1 year. Be optimistic!
  8. 3 C’s: Don’t Compete, Complain and Compare.
  9. 3 D’s: Dream, Dedication and Determination are the swiftest way to success.
  10. P.U.R.P.O.S.E: Pray a lot, Unify, Review, Plan, Organize and Explore.

All the above will be success full if you develop a goal around it. For example; Personal goal statement; In the year 2011 I would like to eradicate poverty in my family and be financially stable (example for this article). Ask yourself, Why? How? When? How? Who is involved? This will point to making your goals and objective SMARTA.

What is SMARTA? This stands for;
SSpecific: What do you want to do exactly? Is clear to you and everyone involved?
MMeasurable: Can it be quantified and qualified. How much is the budget? What will be the impact?
A - Attainable: Can you achieve it within all the available avenues and opportunities.
R - Realistic: Can it be done under the circumstances given? Do you have the wheel power for example budgets?
T - Time bond: How long will it take you to achieve the goal?
A - Agreeable: Is it agreed amongst the team? What about the family? What about the authorities? Is it agreeable by you and any other person involved in the implementation process.

Have a lovely festive season and prosperous 2011. In your wish list and plan for 2011 remember to start saving for festivity if you are planning to go somewhere with the entire family, so that you are not caught unawares without any finances to celebrate.

Keep on reading and more to come in 2011, watch the space!

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  1. Hi Wilson, it has been a while and when my colleague mentioned this blog, I just had to read it and you writing made me smile from ear to ear. Wish you all the best! Regards Wouter