Thursday, January 6, 2011

The road from dream to reality.

What is Wilsenx foundation? This is a youth led initiative which at the moment is at infant stages but given the support required I/we would love to get more youth involved in the operation of the yet to be institution in the near future.

It’s not bad to dream and see things to reality. Every successful project requires time and dedication. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. At the moment we have nothing but the only thing we have is energy, concept, dedication and passion in seeing things to reality. It is a bumpy road ahead with lots of challenges, dark clouds but this doesn’t block us from volunteering and helping youths realize their full potential in finding the champion in themselves.

Currently I have been helping the youth in my community to have a strong establishments of youth football clubs and after initiating Metro Sports some years back with my colleagues, I felt it was time for others to take lead by offering my coaching post to someone else. There has been a lot of challenges in the community for example lack of playing kits, playing space, other commitments and lack incentive for the players just to mention a few. I still love football and it's within ‘my blood stream’ and I still support Metro sport and so far we have achieved a lot as a team.

One surprising evening last year a group of youth approached and requested me to coach their newly formed team, I was somehow hesitant because I didn’t know if they were going to be fully committed in the team and play without pay. I can say the players are my champions, during the December 2010 holiday we have worked together playing ten friendly matches with local community clubs and one premier league team. At the moment two of our players are on trials with a premier league side and we wish them all the best. Sometimes you don’t know how influential you are to your community until someone spots that champion in you.

One of the initiative launched end of 2010 by Wilsenx is the football club Mathare North Rangers F.C whose mission is to engage youth in sports and to make them champions in life using football as an agent for change. We have successfully registered 30 members in our team and any support would be highly appreciated towards making Wilsenx foundation a reality. I take this opportunity to thank Mathare United FC team manager Mr. Fredrick Naduli (Razor) for donating a ball to our team.

Current office bearer, Mathare North Rangers F.C.
  1. Wilson Masaka ( wilsenx founder) – Head coach
  2. Edwin Kipkoech - Treasurer
  3. Thomas Abungu - Strategies and welfare of players.
  4. Geoffrey Otieno, Samuel Muraya and Kennedy Onyango - Coordination of players.
  5. Geoffrey Otieno ( Jeff) - Team captain and discipline.

Wilsenx’s mission and philosophy;

Vision: Our vision is to empower the youths to be critical thinkers and change makers in our society through networking, sports, education and skills transfer from one generation to the other.

Philosophy : Everybody is a winner; we have something unique that we can do. We believe in sharing, creating, educating, motivating and inspiring champions in our society.

Some of the activities are;
  • Sports tourism.
  • Skills transfer.
  • Spotting and nurturing talents in the community.
  • Volunteer ship Etc.
Currently we are trying to find well wishers and sponsors who can help us translate our ideas into reality. A lot is required to make the initiative up and running, Apart from donations we are looking for members who have time and are dedicated in the process.

"You should have the positivity in you and believe you are a champion to succeed". Wilsenx

The team spirit! Let us pray...

Fair play...

On the move.. Metro sports vs Rangers.

Eyes on the ball...

Dribbling... Go for goal!

For help, full information and donation write to;

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