Monday, February 21, 2011


Last year I was impressed with the performance and dedication of the team, and as the head coach I’m motivated to take the boys to the next level by offering my time and experience in organizing a well managed local team from the community. At the moment we don’t have any funds but we are determined as a team to use all possible networks with limited resources to make both ends meet.

Last year we did extremely well after emerging 3rd place out of 20 teams. This year’s league started on high note after we drew 0-0 on Sunday against real Mathare who are new comers, and as a team we need to put more efforts in training together. As the head coach I will have to place my best foot forward in selecting the best first eleven because this time there is no team to write off.

Mathare North Rangers (MNR.FC) ‘inspiring champions’ which is under the stewardship of Wilsenx was founded in 2010.

Training session at Mathare North field

Wilsenx provides leadership and co-ordination of all operation of the team whereby marketing the team both locally and abroad through online platform. At Wilsenx we believe in impacting on people’s life positively through simple but great steps like how to work in a team, fair play and discipline, how to utilize our free time and with limited resources etc.

Despite being a small community club in Mathare North we have been able to develop a brand around our team and so far we have our teams t-shirts which are out for sale to fund-raise for the team. The t-shirts goes for Ksh 500 and all monies collected or donated by well wishers will help the club reach its mission and vision which is to run a well coordinated team up to the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and change the lives of many vulnerable youth through sports. Our team has attracted a lot of fans in the community whereby the zonal league attracts about 300 spectators in the community every weekend.

Wilsenx uses this platform either directly or indirectly to sensitize the community the importance of unity and team work in the community for the good of everyone. Football being the most loved sport in the community and the world at large, we have been able to register 30 players in our team, this again gives us a chance to mentor and inspire upcoming youth in the community who are vulnerable to joining gangs, alcoholism, drug abuse etc.

In a special way I would like to thank Mr. Arnold Van Der Capellen for donating 10 t-shirts to the team which we gave to the most dedicated players and best players from the last season. Thanks a lot on behalf of the team.

Mathare North Rangers official t-shirts

New football jerseys

Lastly I would like to thank the Wilsenx team for dedicating their time and effort despite working in challenging situations without any support. We have come far and let us continue working in the same spirit, next article we would love to introduce to you the Wilsenx team. Watch the space for the next article, who are behind the steering of Wilsenx?

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