Monday, April 11, 2011

Ashoka youth venture

Wilsenx members got a privilege to connect with other change makers in Nairobi during the Youth venture workshop. Youth from different areas got opportunity to present their experiences and challenges of change making in different projects they initiated or are part of. Examples of projects present during the one day workshop were; sports, education, reproductive health, go green, sanitation, garbage collection, inspiration and mentor-ship, behavior change among other. There was plenty to learn and the youth got inspired and informed immensely during the workshop.

Thanks to Jenny, Salim and everyone who made the day a success, we need more of this initiative happening so that youth can connect and be the agent of change in their societies thus in the entire world.

Ashoka envisions an Everyone A Changemaker™ world. A world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change. For more

Experience at Ashoka youth venture workshop

Wilson Masaka: “The workshop was an eye opener, as the founder of wilsenx initiative I learnt a lot and I was really inspired by Mr. Salim Mohamed (Co-founder Carolina for Kibera ) who gave a talk about his journey of success from a young person who was surrounded by many challenges, but through determination and hard work he was able to define his path in life. Thanks Mr. Salim you are a good mentor:”

Thomas Abungu: “We all went through a think session and shared our experiences, barriers and challenges of change making. We tackled issues to do with personal beliefs, gender, family or relations, age, time, school, money, skills, emotional support, societies view and generally how the community can embrace change that we as change makers try to instill in them.

Organizational structures became one of the most common hinders that we as change makers experience. This has got to do with the rules and regulations that are supposed to be put down before hand to govern us and the teams that wants to lead . In the initiative (WILSEN-X) that we are working on our team leader (founder) and the rest of the team has laid structures that in my belief will not let us down. It is a fundamental thing in life always to lay down a strong foundation, I learnt a lot through the workshop and many thanks goes to the organizers especially Jenny”.

Thomas and other participants taking notes during the workshop.

Thomas presenting during the workshop.

Mr. Salim Mohamed giving a talk about his life.

It was fun too...

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