Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our day with you - Easter fun day

On 23rd of April 2011 was one great day for young people from different organizations to come together and meet up with other youths from different organizations in a fun day organized by the Deliverance church Eastleigh. The Wilsen-X community was also privileged to be part of this great event which was also graced by youth organizations in Nairobi including the Maji Mazuri youth group, Deliverance Church Eastleigh, Deliverance Church Pangani, Mavuno Church and Nairobits.


The Sunny fun day started at 11.00 am with a word of prayer, followed by a number of activities that would build up on communication, organization and the team work skills of the different organizations. The games included 100m races, relays, sack races, walking race, egg competitions, balloon game, eating competitions and football matches.

To start off the event, the different leaders of the organizations represented gave a little introduction of their organizations before we commenced to do a mass warm up exercise .This was necessary because the day ahead of us was going to be full of activities that needed us to loosen our muscles.

The founder of Wilsen-x giving a speech.

Team work...

Warm up!

In the 100 meter race Wilsen-x was well represented by Kennedy Onyango who was able to swiftly scoop the second place in the race. The relays that followed proved to be an exercise to test the communication and team work skills of the participants as it entailed passing over the sticks to the next runners till they reached the finish line. The sack race was quite an interesting game as participants toppled over each other in order to pass the sack to their other team players .

Nairobits managed to take the first place in this competition. It was evident that participants were greatly involved and excited as they played the egg competitions, balloon game and walking race. The balloon game which required a lot of strategy involved the participants safe guarding their balloons and bursting all the others without theirs being touched. Better still in the egg game, speed and accuracy was needed as one had to use the spoon to pass over the egg to their team mates after passing a considerable distance without the egg falling over and breaking.

100 meter race...

Sack race...

Football Mathare North Rangers F.C.

The first set of football matches was kicked off by our very own Mathare North Rangers F.C (M.N.R football club) who played against Maji Mazuri youth group, Mathare North Rangers won 1-0. And in the second match Deliverance Church high ‘Skoolers ‘won 2 -1 against Nairobits and this secured them a place in the finals.

Football warm up!

The Fun day was well represented by youths from all ages, you could see both extremes of the young having fun in different activities and at some point, the youth could be seen doing a routine dance as they psyched up the players in the final match of the football tournament.
The final set of matches saw both the energetic teams of Mathare North Rangers battle it out with Deliverance Church High Skoolers. The match was well played and highly competitive that it was hard to predict the outcome. In the end, Deliverance Church High Skoolers team won the game against Mathare North rangers with a score of 2- 1 and they were crowned the winners of the football matches competition. The competitions were summed up finally with the eating competition which, as usual, I have no words to express the expertise showcased by the participants.

More fun...

Great coordination...


The presiding youth pastor of Deliverance church Eastleigh concluded the event with a sermon on Easter which was then followed by the awards giving ceremony. The participants were given certificates for participating and for giving their all in the respective competitions undertaken. The Wilsen- x community was able to be awarded with the 3rd place certification, we would therefore like to thank the organizers of this event and urge them to do more of these initiatives which encourages the young people to come together, use their skills, learn from each other and have fun in a peaceful and productive way.

We also thank all the youth groups that participated as we got to learn a lot and be informed on what the youth can do to make the required change in the society. We would also like to thank the Wilsen-x community that took part in the fun day. Your presence was highly appreciated and lets all continue with the spirit of team work, it goes a long way.

Together Each Achieve More ( T.E.A.M)

Lastly, may the spirit of hope that Easter brings, Help you find contentment in little things, and restore your faith in the Lord above, who gave His life for the ones He loves.
Happy Easter!

Wilson Masaka “This was a perfect idea to connect the youth from diverse backgrounds to share and have fun together. For me it was a great learning experience and it was in line with what Wilsen-x community envisages to achieve”.

( article written by; Faith Nyaboki)

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