Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspiration patterns.

It was a great pleasure to host Mr. Patrick Mukabi, one of the renowned artists in Kenya and abroad. Patrick has a vast experience in painting and the art scene in general. I invited Patrick in one of my sessions at the media lab ( NairoBits: ) to share with us his invaluable experience while he trades through the life of an artists, particularly as a painter and how his work relates to digital arts hence where he sources ideas , inspirations and creativity.

Patrick Mukabi giving lectures...

We discussed a lot of subjects but the one that caught my attention most was; inspiration patterns and a creative being. Do you know that everyone is creative to some level? Some of us have built the experiences from learning institutions, to work experiences. But there is one great source that Mr. Patrick also emphasized on which are;

• Learning from your surroundings.
• Learning from other peoples work.
• Creating a learning curve whereby you also have competitor as a way of evaluating your progress.
• Connecting with people who have the same interests like you and knowing your inspiration patterns.

At what time are you at your best in terms of inspiration? One needs to know themselves better by recording times when they feel full of energy, creativity and inspiration. Make sure you have a note book or sketch pad at all times to record any ideas that might pop up while cruising through terrains of life.

If you don’t record, it will disappear and it will take you another full cycle of generating that unique idea which might not be easy to get. On the contrarily you need to record when you experience the “inspirational block” or “creative block” because it will help you balance your activity geared towards inspirational moments. Some simple examples cited during the discussion on what people do when they experience “inspirational block”, some people might prefer walking, reading, watching TV, sleeping, sporting or even try something new for example if you love football you might try rugby etc.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Patrick Mukabi in a special way. You’re a champion, you have made great impact on our creative life and I must confess you’re a great person, easy to relate with and always ready to share with others your inspirations, ideas etc. In this regards this in what Wilsenx initiative ought to do in a wider scope whereby connecting champions of life with great minds and aspiring champs. More about Patrick Mukabi please visit; or google his name.

Written by Wilson Masaka

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