Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another pair of new football Jerseys!

We were honored to receive a new set of green and white football jerseys courtesy of Mr. Paul Otieno who is a member of Wilsenx initiative. We lead by examples...

Mathare North Rangers F.C in an initiative of Wilsenx that natures upcoming stars and role models through sports especially football. We offer the players the much needed leadership, mentor-ship and opportunities to excel in sports. So if you have any playing kits, footballs, tracksuits etc. that you are not using you can donated them to our team by contacting wilson.masaka [at]

Given the opportunity youth in the slums can do better is sports like playing for a professional local or foreign clubs. The only challenge we are facing is; we have the skills and talent but no support and resources. We highly applaud individual like Mr. Paul who has come to our rescue when we required football jerseys.

We aspire to be the best managed local football club from the slum area. Together as a team off and on the field we shall excel.

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