Monday, July 11, 2011

Norway cup 2011 preparation MYSA - guest speaker

It was a great honor to share my experiences with the MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association) youth preparing for this year’s Norway cup 2011 tournament.

Over the years MYSA has been sending youth teams to represent the organization and the entire country at the global stage whereby different countries are usually represented from different age groups of both boys and girls. For more about Norway cup check

As an alumni and beneficiary of the MYSA programme it has been my wish to come back and lend some ‘muscles’ of vast experiences and knowledge acquired over the years both on and off the field.

On Saturday 9th July 2011 I had a fantastic session with the teams (under 16 boys, under 13 boys and under 14 girls) whereby sharing some of the topics listed below that prepared them to the life changing experiences in Norway and Netherlands having come from the slums where to some access to basic necessity is always a dream.

Topics addressed;

• Expectation exercise – Drawing what are your expectations.
• Who is a role model? And who is your friend?
• On / off the field and fair play.
• During Norway cup & After Norway cup.
• What the community expects of them.
• Handling peer pressure?
• Etiquette – food & manners. Etc
I thank Mr. Majale, Ms. Maqulate, Mr. Osia and the entire organization for making the day a success which I believe added value to MYSA’s objectives and that of youth empowerment. For more about MYSA check out

This and more is why Wilsenx initiative is there to mentor and nurture talents, whereby helping youth realize their full potential either in academics or sports. Through sharing and exchanging ideas we get to learn new ways of tackling challenges that may come across.

Wilson giving lectures...

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