Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creativity unlimited

Wilsenx initiative has been on the forefront in advocating for personal branding amongst the youth whereby urging them to utilize their skills and talents to the fullest. One of the subjects that can’t miss on our list of inspiration and motivation talk is visual thinking which evokes creativity and makes one to be informed before creating any product.

Logo design: Otto-benecker girl's F.C

T-shirt concept originally designed by Wilsenx;

My tribe is Kenya – tribes 42 (On sale)

Back and front side

One thing about a great citizen of a nation is to be patriotic about your country and help in any way possible to foster harmony, peace, unity, development etc. In Kenya we have 42 tribes with different beliefs, traditions, cultures etc; which should be embraced and not to be used to either intimidate or discriminate a particular community.

As a nation we should stand strong and preach peace and make our beloved nation a haven for peace. This t-shirt seeks to create awareness for togetherness and patriotism, whereby people living as one without intimidation or discrimination hence everyone looking at the bigger picture called Kenya. “Tuwache ukabila, ukabila ni adui ya maendeleo” means stop tribalism it’s a stabling block to development.

Otto-benecker girls’ football club (On sale)

Front and back side

Otto- Benecker F.C envisage empowering youths through sports especially football and also encourages and advocates for girl child education. Check more on their website, since inception Otto- benecker f.c has been featured in many regional and local tournaments and they have been actively participating in MYSA ( zonal leagues and programs in general.

“Nungo piny Kirom” - Women group (Not for sale)

Back and front side

This is a women initiative that empowers women to save for future and initiate SME (Small and Medium enterprises) projects in the community. Wilsenx designed and printed their brand t-shirts that is only for the members.

Mathare North Rangers Football club (On sale)

Front and back side

Mathare North Rangers F.C is a sports initiative under the banner of Wilsenx initiatives which seeks to spot and nurture football talents in the community whereby connecting youth with opportunities around and beyond.

Wilsenx brand t-shirt: The champion in you… (On sale)

Front and back side

This is the original t-shirt of Wilsenx initiative which comes in different variations of colors and different fashionable t-shirts for example ladies v-top polo, round neck t-shirt, men polo etc. For more read how Wilsenx was born.

Note: We have different color schemes of Wilsenx t-shirt like orange, pink, blue, red, yellow design etc; On different color of t-shirts too.

Note: You can order the designs on round neck t-shirt, v-top ladies, polo v-top ladies and polo unisex design

Some of the funds received by selling the t-shirts help us fund small activities in our football team like transport cost, footballs and sometimes lunch for the players depending on the sales for the month or year.

So get one of our brands to support our initiative and if you want anything designed and developed for you don’t hesitate to contact us through info [at]

Example of services offered on request are website maintenance, t-shirt design, brochures, T-shirt printing, posters, post cards, business cards, websites, logos, motivational talks etc.

Best phrase: “imitation kills creativity, so don’t copy but get ideas from the designs”. By Wilsenx

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