Monday, September 26, 2011


It was a great honor to be part of the participants during the Chrisc (Christian Sports Contact) leader’s camp which took place in Clarence Matheny leadership and training institute in Rongai from 21st to 24th September, 2011.

The participants came from Rwanda, Kenya (Nairobi, Voi and Eldoret), Uganda and Tanzania where Chirsc has got its roots with set up like Chrisc-Rwanda , Chrisc-Tanzania and Chrisc-Uganda.

CHRISC International is a large youth organization operating in four countries in the region of East Africa, namely Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. CHRISC works in cooperation with local communities, schools and organizations to provide sporting opportunities for youths in both rural and urban setting. The sports activities are connected to a strong development focus, based on leadership capacity building, health and awareness programs and social projects. For more information kindly visit Website;

The theme of the 3 days camp was; Play, Joy and learn. I had an opportunity to share my experiences in leadership and innovation through a motivational session which lasted for at least 45minutes on the first day.

The greats of all, I was able to learn from other people as well, for example from the passionate team in Chrisc Kenya who organized the camp to every single participant of different background, age and creed. The camp was well organized and the three pillars (Play, Joy and Learn) of the camp were all met successfully and creatively.

I would urge youth organization to emulate this ventures which enable youth to think critically about their life by giving them valuable skills and knowledge on how they can improve other people lives especially by offering good leadership and mentor-ship from the grass root level.

This is a summary of topics and activities that took place;

  • Sporting activities.
  • Games and life skills.
  • Leadership and volunteering seminar
  • Local mobilization seminar.
  • Children protection seminar etc.

Below are pictorials as the saying goes “Pictures speaks louder than words”

Big auditorium for sessions

From Left Emma, Mary and Wilson

From a distance Wilson giving lectures

Part of the team group photo after session with May from Stromme foundation



Football in action!

Warm up games

Volley ball in action!

Start of session instruction given...


Morning devotion praise and worship.

Dj Marto in control...


Session in progress

Question answers session during forums

Group discussion

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