Monday, November 21, 2011

Trip to Musoma Tanzania 31st October to 12th November 2011.

Musoma is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in northern part of Tanzania neighboring Kenya along the borders of Lake Victoria. I enjoyed the food, culture and the hospitality offered to me during my stay in Musoma. The most fascinating of all, is the climatic condition experienced with cool breeze on a hot sunny weather and vibrant activities in the main market. I usually try to visit the market of any place that I visit around the world not only to buy food but to source inspiration and learn especially on colors, language etc. That is why I love the old adage that says; “In every market there’s a mad man” though I use it as a positive reference in my learning expedition.

On my mission courtesy of Nairobits Trust was to train at the Musoma information center run by Nairobits in partnership with Terre des Hommes who are the main donors. The centre trains youth in life skills, entrepreneurship and ICT skills that shall enable them improve their lives either in the formal or informal sector. The centre in hosted in Musoma dioceses (Matumaini katika vijana centre).

Subjects that I taught during the two weeks visits are;

  • Design in general with a focus on web and creativity.
  • Technical aspect of the web e.g. CSS and DIV’s.
  • Motivation sessions, just to mention but a few…

Below are snapshot pictures of my trip courtesy of Nairobits Trust;

Warm up games: Unity and great teamwork

Tips and tricks: Start on paper before heading to the computers...

Motivational talk and discussions

Giving lectures on the technical side of the web

Students demonstrations