Monday, March 12, 2012

Theme Come out and Vote: “Usichoke kupiga kura!”

Brief explanation of the poster. Submission IEBC Poster competition.

Theme Come out and Vote: “Usichoke kupiga kura!”

The poster encourages all Kenyan to come out and vote and think of their beloved nation Kenya. One of the rights as a citizen is voting, and nothing can move this country forward if we shy away from voting despite the historical events.

The inspiration comes from the last general elections whereby many Kenyans especially the youth have been complaining by saying even if they vote nothing will change, the poster also seeks to encourage all voters to come out and vote and shun this stereotypical attitude by urging them never to give up on voting thus the slogan “Usichoke Kupiga kura!”

The poster can be used for general outdoor campaigns for example banners, billboards, stickers etc. It is an event that will happen all over the country and while voting our nation should always come first for prosperity.
“As the designer I believe this pictorial composition will leave lasting memories on our audiences’ minds while they make the right choices that will see Kenya prosper”

Poster designed by Wilson Masaka for IEBC poster competition.

Some of the elements that I used to strike the massage clearer and a source of inspiration are as follows;

  • Slogan: I have combined both Kiswahili and English in my composition so that it can cut across different audience with the primary slogan being “usichoke Kupiga Kura!”
  • The Kenya Map: This symbolizes our nation and where voting is going to take place (our boundaries).
  • Colors – Our National colors Red, Green, Black and White to symbolize patriotism.
  • Thumbprint – This symbolizes the mark after voting which is usually done by dipping the index finger in ink to mark a voter that has already voted.
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Wish me luck so that the poster may be chosen!

Wilsen initiative – Positive change makers.


  1. Best of luck mjama that is very creative and fresh

  2. Big up mjama that is very creative and fresh n best of luck