Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Money versus Passion from the youth perspective

During this Easter holiday I spent time to look around the latest happenings in my community and I happen to meet my long time friend, David Mbuthia and we decided to do a short interview about him; with the main subject being money versus passion and find out which matters most while working on your career path and dreams.

Short introduction

David Mbuthia Mwangi (Identitie) was born in a family of seven and was introduced to the photography world in 1997 by Lana Wong (an
experienced photojournalist) based in America while working as a volunteer in a project known as ShootBack in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years, his photos have been in various exhibitions in the world for example Grass root upgrade-reflection on Nairobi Eastland’s photo exhibition in 2012 and London gallery in 1999.

The current award he won was in Connect 4climate for change organized by World Bank in 2011 in Durban in South Africa at UN conference. Currently he is a volunteer at slum-TV an organization working in Mathare area. For last 15 years he has been doing documentary and artistic photography in Mathare slums and it environs.


His dream is to start a foundation that will teach photography to children in the slums. This will empower the children with skills that they can utilize in future and he is also planning to participate in a charity run and to use the proceeds to fund this dream foundation.
He would also want to host a solo photo exhibition about his work and to publish a book about his story and his career path of becoming an artistic professional photographer.

The Interview

Question 1: What inspire you?
Answer from Mbuthia: “Using photography to show the entire world what happens around and beyond. Photography is my voice for the voiceless and I want to show the ‘World our World’.”

Question 2: In your view, what matters most; Money or passion?
Answer from Mbuthia: “Passion, because it is a treasure inside me and I want to express and use it to the fullest to be who I want to be, on the other side money is just a means towards achieving a set goal and the full satisfaction is found in being passionate in whatever you do.”

Question 3: What do you what to tell the aspiring youth who come from under privilege community but have dream in becoming photographers, web designers etc?
Answer from Mbuthia: “Everyone has got a special gift or talent from God, and they shouldn’t fear challenges that come on their way. Challenges make a person stronger and focused in their future development and ways to find the best solutions to different situations.”

Question number 4: What is your best quote?
Answer from Mbuthia: “Think BIG, Start small, right now!”

Linkages to some of his stories

Contact David Mbuthia

Contacts +254731417646

Email: davidmbuthia83@gmail.com

Mbuthia's best quote: Think BIG, Start small, right now!”


This and mores stories you will be getting from Wilsen Initiative whereby we give upcoming artist’s a voice to make a positive impact in their community by inspiring others while they work on their journey of becoming champions.

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