Friday, April 20, 2012

Turn your 'Scars' into Stars

The world is such an interesting place to live in with two groups to indentify ourselves with: The have and have not. Bob Marley sang “some people have ways and means; others have nothing and others hopes and dreams”.
Today I want to share with you the power of following your dreams and having hope in whatever you desire to have in life despite your situation. My life as a child hasn’t been an easy road but what has kept me going is working hard and listening to my inner voice and taking action towards achieving it. In life there are many ‘scars’ that you might come across like people not appreciating your efforts, family lineage of abject poverty, your neighborhood, hopeless friends etc. Remember in every ‘scar’ there’s a star so you need to make you star stand out and shine all over the universe and opportunity will be knocking at your door steps.

 It has always been my dream to learn from other cultures while I pursue my dreams and I thank the D&F academy – Hamburg for seeing the potential in me. I know many would have loved to be at the academy which is very possible, but only if you pay attention to discovering more about yourself and start a worthy genuine course, not for awards and other recognitions, but to make a positive change within your family, community, other peoples live and the world at large.

My dreams and hope is to make Wilsen initiative a reality whereby it will be a centre for inspiration, talent exploration and skill transfer etc. This is just part of my dreams come true and I will not stop dreaming and working towards finding the stars whenever a ‘scar’ presents itself. Since computer is one of my greatest tools in my career advancement, I foresee developing an application called ‘Scars to Star generator’. Just thinking a loud and thinking it isn’t a crime so don’t limit yourself, generate those innovative ideas since whatever you see around us all started with ideas.

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve whatever they want in life .Though the path might be bumpy and rough and without clues you should never give up. One day your star will shine.Wilsen Initiative “the champion in you…”
On the the picture with me is  Jens Lehmann ( former Arsenal goalkeeper), we only get see them on TV, newspapers, magazines, posters etc. I was very privileged  to meet one of the great football stars who played for great teams.

Long live D&F academy - Hamburg Germany

Picture: Jens Lehmann ( Former Arsenal goalkeeper and Wilson Masaka)

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  1. The inner voice I love the phrase the inner voice, and apart from that I have learned that its not about awards in life its about changing the people around you there thinking.
    Love live Teacher