Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wave of Love – United Kenya...

Like the ocean, lakes and rivers in this beautiful nation called Kenya, we need to spread the spirit of love (Love Waves) and encourage peaceful cohesion of it’s citizens and visitors through our work, events, deeds, thoughts, speech etc. Anyone can start the waves no matter who you are in the society. It's not meant for any particular group or people, we are all actors even if in a small territory and we don’t need to wait any longer to start the positive waves across our nation; upholding the the three important pillars which are Peace, Love & Unity. Have you heard of the Mexican wave in sports which is now a culture in Kenya during sports events? In brief, there are many theories surrounding where it exactly started, some people say it is during the World cup in Mexico in 1986 and other say it was started during the Olympics or by an individual ; but look at its impact internationally across the different cultures and creed. It is incredible! For more about the Mexican wave in sports kindly read http://www.guardian.co.uk/notesandqueries/query/0,5753,-21439,00.html

I’m filled with a lot of hope when all our leaders come together for the sake of this great nation like during the hero’s day ( Mashujaa day) celebration every 20th of October . Thus, this shouldn’t be the only platform for them to come together but, an everlasting practice even during different avenues of political affiliations or ideologies. Recently, I was at the Nyayo national stadium watching our national team play against the South African national team ( Harambees Stars v/s. Bafana Bafana) and to my amusement I felt once again as a true Kenyan whereby being part of the big spectators or fans who streamed in the stadiums with all regalia and paraphernalia bearing our national colors. Don’t underestimate the importance / power of a nation’s flag and its colors; it does Unite, Inspires, Identify, Rejuvenates etc. Even though our team lost 2-1 during the international friendly match, I was really happy to see my fellow Kenyans turnout in large numbers chanting songs of praise to our national team and the nation at large.

 It is my sincere wish and hope that this should be consolidated in all events and gathering whether political or non-political...

In every inspiring moment I leave a mark or trace and that is why I channel my energies and creativity by running a T-shirt campaign in different series. I hereby would like to introduce to you the Wave of Love – United Kenya which is inspired by the Kenyan citizens coming together for the love of this great nation either in sports events, public event etc. It's time for everyone to share and spread the love and start this wave most especially during this election time. "A positive wave starts with one person and that person can be you…" Wilsen Initiative

Love Wave T-shirt  : United Kenya designed by Wilsenx

The waves of the sea 

"The waves of the sea help me get back to me".

Here is a competition for you to try it out...

What is your expression of love?  Send your originally designed / crafted idea to info[at]wilsenx.com to stand a chance of winning United Kenya T-shirt. The T-shirt is out on sale but we shall award one top idea. Please don't send computer illustration... Think and Develop!

Note: The winner shall arrange for collection or shipment of the t-shirt!

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