Saturday, March 2, 2013


Working at Nairobits always brings pleasurable moments in my life and I believe that of others, we get to teach, learn, share and most of all bind together as one great family called the BITS. It is this great spirit of love in institutions like Nairobits that has triggered the much needed hope and quest for peaceful cohesion of all the tribes in Kenya.

Five years ago during the post-election violence that rocked the country many of our students and their families were directly affected by the mayhem in the  slums of Nairobi where our youth live.
This time we say in one loud voice NEVER AGAIN will a Kenyan raise against a fellow Kenyan in any situation especially when elections set in. Only less than two days are left for the much awaited elections under the new constitution when Kenyans will make the greatest decision of their lives and many generations to come.

I  was  honored to get together with students in discussing on how to maintain and building peace at Nairobits media lab class that I believe will promote great neighborhood and peaceful co-existing of different diverse groups starting from the class to the communities. In the last two years  I have actively engaged in peace building activities in sports (football) and creative hours by designing T-shirts that promote peace and good citizenship. These and many more are what I want to do with supporting Wilsen Initiative (

During the half day session we discussed the importance of maintaining peace before, during and after the general election. As a group we later gathered our thoughts in one big poster designed by fifty  students from Nairobits media lab.

This is how the program looked like;

  • Opening statement by the facilitator.
  • Contribution by students on how to maintain and build peace.
  • Brainstorming about the peace poster working in pairs then later working in two big groups.
  • The final poster designed by the group
  • Singing the national Anthem
  • Closing Prayers

We thank everyone for participating in this great moment of ensuring peace prevails in our communities and the entire nation.

Brainstorming sessions in pairs

Posting ideas on the white board
Joint poster designed by 50 students and signing for PEACE.
 “ Let us all live in PEACE and Not PIECES”.

God bless Kenya.

Report and pictures by Wilson Masaka, senior trainer at Nairobits / founder of Wilsen Initiative

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