Friday, April 19, 2013

Wilsen Initiative (WI) New Logo, Mascot and Slogan

The idea of Wilsen Initiative (WI) is to spot talents and nurture it to the right direction by providing the much needed platforms for a young person to grow and express themselves starting with Mathare slums in Nairobi and all over Kenya by connecting with opportunities in life. Some of the important life-skills worth learning for a young person to take lead in their life and become a responsible citizen are for example; Developing a Positive Attitude, Self  Discipline, Patience’s, Hard-work, Tolerance, Goal Setting Abilities, Personal Branding and being a Positive Change Maker (positive role model) etc.

As the founder of this initiative which started as a dream, developed into ideas and now we are at implementation stages combining efforts with like minded people we still need support from well wishers. The journey seems long a head of us but one day we shall reach our destination only if we continue with the great spirit of commitment and dedication. During my creative hours I designed a fresh new look logo, mascot and house-style for Wilsen Initiative (WI) please have a look below!

Note: Something to remember for aspiring designers that I train at Nairobits courses and anywhere else, when designing it is worth starting with a sketch using a pen and paper before you dive into the computer applications. Below is the results;

All the artwork are original ideas and are copyrighted to Wilsen Initiative (WI).

Mascot, Slogan , Logo & Business Card.

Contact me for business cards, T-shirts, website (dynamic & static), brochures etc. A percentage of money received from the work done goes to implementation of Wilsen Initiative (WI).

God bless you all.

Few days left... Celebrating Africa T shirt on the way before 1st May 2013. wilson.masaka[at]

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