Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learning Trends of the 21st Century for the Young People.

Wilson’s Diary – Learning 101

To be good at what  you are doing you should love what you do, and do what you love. The effect of doing what you love is great PASSION to take you off the ‘OK plateau’ to success land which never comes easy.
I’m privileged to train at least hundred young people per year in creative ICT, life skills and entrepreneurship skills through Nairobits program (www.nairobits.com). For the many years in service I have found  fulfillment in my job through teaching, mentoring and inspiring youth to excel in life by accessing vital skills and knowledge of the 21st century.

After an intensive training in the current Media Lab, I thought it was worth sharing the learning experience ( learning curve) of the new happenings in class.  What I have always appreciated, are the dynamics  in  every class of the Media Lab since I started this journey of training in 2003.
It’s not always about the destination , it’s about the journey! This is why I’m delighted to share the journey of the Media Lab training program for the first group of fifty students in the 2013 class.

Tips for Leaning Something New;
  1. Don’t force it: Perfection is the beginning of failing, take a short break in between your work to restart your brain and spirit.
  2. Understand before committing  hours of hard work: The best philosophy that works for me is what I call the RUT hole whereby R = Read U= Understand T = Try and Testing phase
  3. Focus and follow your plans: In todays work environment there are a lot of distractions with the advent of technology which cuts across from cell phone ring after every 10 minutes or so, emails, social media, music, noise etc. The best thing is that you can control it and decide what to do.
  4. Plan and Prioritize well: The best part is planning and prioritizing which is self rewarding especially if you achieve even just a fraction of your to-do list.
  5. Attitude ( Mind and Skill Set): What matters most in any learning adventure is the attitude you have before, during and after learning.
  6. Do a project!  - Tell – Show – SELL: Keeping your work to yourself doesn’t help you at all. Do personal projects to enrich your portfolio , work for charity or for paying clients. Broadcast your best talent, skills and connect with opportunities instantly. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas even as you watchout for copycats who might distort your ideas before you launch it.

This is all for this edition, the next one will be about KampaBits in Uganda. Looking forward…

Uganda here we come!

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