Monday, May 13, 2013

Nai Ni Who - Celebrations

Wilsen Initiative is proud to have participated in the Nai Ni Who celebration on Saturday 11th May 2013 that was organized by the GoDown Arts Centre for South B - zone. Our football team of young stars participated in the procession and later played football with South B youth from the Reuben rehabilitation center. We look for more partnerships of this kind to create a lasting connection and understanding amongst people of all races, tribes, age etc. while also celebrating our neighborhoods.

Thanks GoDown for the invitation. For more follow…

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From May 11th to August 3rd2013, Nairobi is in the spotlight, sharing who we are – the real Nairobians, warts and all! And celebrating our specialness! Nai Ni Who is a 3-month festival of neighborhood festivals -12 festivals in all covering 12 neighborhood zones. Send in your pictures, YouTube movies, and your words on why your 'hood holds an important place in our unique capital city to help create our Nai Ni Who online wall. Get ready to party …. And remember to keep logging in for more info! 

Who is Nairobi?

Pictures by Wilson Masaka : Great experience and I loved taking the photos!


  1. Wow... I 'm liking this experience, you 're so inspiring.

  2. Great people doing wonderful stuff...Nice experience