Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bio- Empathy Experience in Naivasha

My life has evolved mostly around the city center and its environs for many years not knowing what nature has to offer.  The Naivasha experience was an eye opener  for me; sharing good time to listen, talk and connect to nature and appreciate our beloved country Kenya. These lasting memories through travelling, learning, dining and staying with my fellows from diverse around the world continues to trickle good emotions in all aspects of my  life every day.

Connecting to Nature
One of the memorable moments where I connected with nature like never before is when we were asked to stay alone for three hours and connect, talk, observe and listen to nature. At first this was not practical and on a quick judgment I didn’t see any value in the process.  After some time elapsed I was totally convinced that I was wrong and the fears in me were creating roadblocks of impossibilities which when I conquered them I appreciated the value and positive feeling in me. Now  I’m full of energy and creative  ideas on how I can translate that which  seems impossible to something tangible that shall create a big impact in the future.

Picture by Jerry Zhu during the Bio-Empathy course
As a design enthusiast I was able to design two T-shirts that adds to my collection. ‘Twende Safari’  is a Kiswhili phrase that says let’s go travel. The idea is derived from the great appreciation of our beautiful country Kenya and the urge  for local tourism in Kenya.

Look at the bigger picture, this is a an idea that is derived from perception especially how human beings connect to the animal world and what relationships exist if any, and how we can learn from them and be innovative.

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