Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inside Out Africa & Passion Meter

Inside Out is a concept I launched this 1st September 2013. I advocate for positive values that drive people to success and make positive impact in our lives and that of others.

The Inside Out concept launched 1st September 2013 advocates for the positive values that drive people to success and make a positive impact in our lives and that of others.

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Inside Out Africa & Passion Meter T-shirt Design

Africa is a blessed continent.  Unfortunately the indigenous people don’t see through these lenses.  Many reasons can be given, but we become what we are through what we feed our mind, heart, eyes and soul. Media is generally the biggest culprit of feeding the public with the bad news of destruction, death and poverty, especially in Africa.

We need to restored our positive values and dignity from the Inside Out and spread it across the continent.  Why should Africa be the emerging market or developing continent for centuries and yet God has blessed us with many natural resources?  Stop civil wars, tribalism, child trafficking, drug trafficking, and bad leadership. We know our problems and challenges, some of which are of our own creation and we can work towards solving them. Let us work together in build Brand Africa.

Examples of great initiatives;

Brand Africa : They are doing great work in building the African brand through Proactive leadership to drive Africa’s growth reputation and competitions.

Brand Kenya The brand Kenya board is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and refining the key attributes of Kenya that contributes positively to the image and reputation of the nation.

 These are great initiatives and we should build values from inside (intrinsic values) to make impacts, and this values are not only for organizations but to individuals all well.

Examples of positive values: Passion, Integrity, Respect, Creativity, Dignity etc.

In my series of t-shirt Design I launched the two T shirts Inside Out – Africa and Passion Meter which measures our level of passion and commitment to our goal.

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