Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Love Teaching - Musoma, Tanzania Exprience

I was honored to be part of the team at Musoma Information Center based in Eastern edge of Lake Victoria in Mara region in Tanzania. Since I visited the place in 2011, there has been tremendous improvement on how the trainers conducts training and connects with the students in both outdoors and class activities.

Coaching is one of the core activities Nairobits uses in connecting senior trainers from Nairobi, Kenya to train and share their experiences with other subsidiary projects in Tanzania and Uganda.
Trainers and students every morning plays basketball as part of their warm-up games.

Purpose of the visit!

My visit was purposed to train both the students and trainers in more advanced skills in web / graphic design and related technologies.

We divided the training into two segments as follows;-

Students Segment;
  •  Review of current students work and give feedback.
  • Teach and test the student on conceptualization (Think & Decide).
  • Technical knowledge transfer ( CSS, HTML forms and Joomla)
  • Presentation skills – Both students and trainers presented their work.
Trainers Segment (TOT)
  • General overview of Joomla and Word Press.
  • Review of websites online.
  • Introduction to PHP.
Training Methodology
Embracing our teaching philosophy of learning by doing we were able to achieve the following;
  • Trainer illustrations on the board and group discussions
  • Individual assignments.
  • Aptitude test.
  • Power point presentation and analyzing best practices.

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