Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On the Move, Foot Prints.

My desire and passion is to connect, share and give back to the community, and influence positive change. Part of my dream has always been to establish a youth empowerment center that will create channels of opportunities, growth and trust amongst the young people growing them into responsible citizens.

After five months of intensive classes in Social Innovation Management (SIM 2013) at Amani Institute, I take this opportunity to thank the Amani team, my fellows from different countries, Nairobits team, personal mentors and my family for the cordial  support they gave me during my learning journey at Amani.

My project was born some twelve years back during the days of my football life, and to date I’m very happy for what it has grown to be; from changing the from Wilsenx, which is  a personal brand, to Wilsen Initiative (Wi) which is a team brand of change makers who aspire to influence positive change using their talents and skills.  Wilsen Initiative hosts creative integrated programs from football, motivational talks, co-creation of activities, volunteer- ship, leadership etc.

My appreciation goes to Amani Institute (http://amaniinstitute.org/) and the Do School (http://thedoschool.org) for being part of my journey of discovery in social innovation and social entrepreneurship.  I proudly acknowledge my new title of Social Innovator / Social Entrepreneur after five months of intensive training at Amani institute.

Even though the journey continues I greatly appreciate the much we have achieved since the idea came in place of Wilsen Initiative.

The Wi effect; INSPIRE, CREATE  & EDUCATE is our three  strongest pillars of success.

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