Monday, February 24, 2014

The difference between Managers and Leaders.

All have a place in our society but Managers change things, leaders change the world!

1.  People
  •    Managers, manage people and things (position equity)
  •    Leaders develops followers (creates teamwork and develops new leaders)
2. Essence
  •     Managers focus on stability
  •     Leader focus on change
3. Rule
  •  Managers make the rules
  • Leaders break the rules
4. Approach
  • Manager plans the details
  • Leaders sets the direction
5. Cultures
  • Managers executes
  • Leaders shapes the culture
6. Conflict
  • Managers avoids conflicts
  • Leaders use the conflict as an asset
7. Direction
  • Manager use the existing road
  • Leaders creates new roads

8. Decision
  • Managers make decisions
  • Leaders facilitates the decision

9. Credits
  • Managers take credits
  • Leaders give credits
10. Vision
  • Managers tells the vision
  • Leaders shapes the vision

11. Style
  • Managers are transaction
  • Leaders are transformational
Are you a manager or a leader?  Be a lead, Be the change!

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