Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where Do You Source For Your Creative Ideas? By Partrick Mukabi

Today, I had the great pleasure of working with one the renowned Kenyan / international artist Mr. Patrick Mukabi aka Panye.  Patrick is a great friend and I have known him for last last 14 years and I must say he is a great guy who is a source of inspiration in the creative World. He inspires me a lot from how he approach is work to his consistent patterns in capturing creative moments for his work.

Patrick shared topics in visual communication design with my students at the Nairobits media lab after honoring my invitation to share his unique experiences. This is one of the many ideas I have around people working together in sharing skills, time and resources.

Thanks to Nairobits for creating this platform for youth to learn and connect with experts from diverse background.

I'm an enthusiast photographer and here is some of my work in photography. My subject is people, their lifestyle etc.

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