Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Wish & Pledge During My Birthday!

Today is my birthday 1st June, it is another time I’m adding one year to my storyline or journey since I was introduced to the World.  I have changed physically and grown mentally,  but many things that I cherish forever is the values and principles  that I stand for, generosity, love, happiness, passion, hard-work, determination, prosperity and teamwork.

Thanks to all who have made me who I am and helped me in discovering myself as a champion of life. I thank God for installing the right ‘Apps’ in me with a stable operating system.  I will continue to share, inspire and educate my peers in discovering their own paths  by using their skills, time and talents.
May I live to see my grandchildren and I pray for God’s guidance all through my journey and never to change my BIG heart of helping others.

Asante Sana!

Pictures taken early morning 6Am on 1st June 2014 by my wife Lela.

Original and edited version.

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