Thursday, July 31, 2014

Young Champions in Africa - Nairobi Kenya

Today, I want to introduce to you another great champion making positive change in our society, he goes by the name Daniel Onyango from Nairobi, Kenya. Daniel is a Singer/ Songwriter and Instrumentalist whose vision is to ignite cultural, social and economic empowerment through music.

I'm very honored to connect with the likes of Daniel during the creative entrepreneurship class where we were able to connect and also learn from each others creative life cycles.  The class comprised of young East Africans ( Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda) who are actively involved in shaping our countries creative economy sector.

Daniel's passion for music started during his primary and secondary school days when growing up in the slums of Korogocho, and been the only one in the family who had interest in pursuing a career in arts which isn't consider a serious job to many in his community. He was convinced and determined from a very tender age that music was what he wanted to do because it gave him a platform to share, express himself and most importantly echo the voice of the voiceless from the disadvantaged communities.

In 2005, together with his friends he founded the Hope Raisers Band which he was the band leader. This is the first live band group from Korogocho, though later they separated the ideas and the spirit remained alive and later Hope Raisers emerged to become a community youth led art and sports organization.

For more about Daniel please visit;

In my quest for knowledge sharing society, I designed Daniels blog and business cards as part of his footprints both online and offline.  I was very honored to discuss and share some online and offline visibility tips for Daniel's work and profile as someone who is really devoted to making our communities better through education and sports.

Here are the cards  and the blog ( I designed and I wish my friend all the best in sharing the African taste of rhythms and tunes. 

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