Friday, August 22, 2014


 Blackboard notes from creative entrepreneurship class a day before graduation day.

Career Mapping – Our World is interconnected and there is still a big need for skilled labor especially from techno-savvy young professionals. Stand to be counted, so what do you want to become in the multi-skilled World. There is nothing like ‘Photoshoper’ you are better off as a graphic designer or something else with deeper roots.

This is my world, the keys and the passwords are on my palm, what’s yours? Start today to build your career which shall offer many positions. Don’t target position first, build your career as you continue to discover your potentials.

List of  EIGHTEEN pointers from my diary that might guide you in the process of mapping your career;

  1. Network – Network with people while as your net worth is equivalent to your network. Tim Sanders: “Your network is your net worth.”2. Read, don't scan – Take your time and read this is an investment.
  2.  Finish something – You want to motivate yourself then finish at least one task today. Don’t do it because you want to receive praises from other people. "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby quotes
  3.  Register your IP (Interest & passion) – Match your interest and passion.
  4. Be flexible and adapt to new changes no matter how hard they seem to be.
  5. Keep it REAL! – Connect with your inner voice. Bill Cosby — 'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ' 
  6. Have the ME time – Have time alone to plan and evaluate your goals etc.
  7. Research the field of interest before and after joining. Time wasted doing something that you don’t connect with shall never be recovered.
  8. Visit places you have been to, this will refresh new good memories.
  9. Visit new places and find synergies to your aspirations. One great lesson is Bio-empathy.
  10. Get a coach and mentors on your side to guide and support you.
  11. Listen and consult widely then make the decision (Don’t Compete, Compare and Complain).
  12. Choose friends wisely, it is too costly to be in a bad company.
  13. Don’t limit yourself to learning new things.
  14. Invest in your tools of trade, for example, if you’re a web designer you need a computer and software etc.
  15. Collaborate with like-minded people who you at least share a big pie of your values.
  16. Great things sometimes are wrapped with challenges, hurdles, misunderstanding etc. Stay focus and have confidence in yourself.
  17. Embrace diversity by working with diverse cultures and groups this will open your new paradigms.
  18. Start a cause for positive change and inspire others to start positive chains of events and actions.

Remember to document your footprints in all media and share with others. I hope you have learnt a thing or two and I wish you all the best in yourself discovery.
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