Monday, August 4, 2014

Kenya Football at the Docks!

I’m very proud of being a Kenyan, and watching our athletics team bag many gold medals at the just concluded Glasgow commonwealth games bring much joy and unity to the nation.  In a game of sports there must be a winner and a loser and that is the beauty of the game. Even Brazil and other great nations didn't win all the matches though contrarily to same argument they did prepare well to at least reach the utmost performance and position. I wonder what goes wrong with our football here in Kenya!

Yesterday, we witnessed our football national team not making it to the next stage after being bundled out by Lesotho who I’m surprised has got not more than three million in population compared to ours which is at forty million.

Where do we go wrong? Is disbanding our football team at this moment adding any value? And if that is the case what are the next cause of action? 

It's high time we have a platform that involves all the stakeholders even from the grassroots who are not directly affiliated with the federation to be part of the strategic reviews and share ideas on how we can salvage our young talents being lost in the process of not having progressive development in the game for many decades. There is a group of many ex-players who would be ideal people to incorporate in this strategic meetings and management of the institution. I have witnessed of the qualified ex-players being employed as commentators and media in general (TV and Radio) because of their vast experience, skills and passion for the game. Can’t the federation do the same?

I congratulate Lesotho for their determination and well executed game plan. I also extend the same congratulations to the young lads from MYSA under thirteen years  for winning the prestigious Norway cup 2014 in Oslo, Norway. Even though your win wasn't broadcasted that much in our local media, I thank the advent of the internet which allowed us to follow you from the group stages to the finals. If we want to be featured in the list of great nations in football as in athletics we should start by creating systems and structures and have the right people for the job.

It is my sincere hope that the Norway cup finalist will live their dreams, I was once there at Norway cup and I can remember seeing myself playing for top clubs in Europe after the tournament. Even though it didn't happen, I’m happy for my peers whom we used to play with like Oliech, Origi, Adam Shaban etc. who made it to live our shared dreams back then. I’m not regretting at all, and I’m thankful for what football has done for me and my family.  I’m happy with my current profession while I still serve as a community football coach for Mathare North Rangers F.C in Mathare North. We shouldn't give up until we get the right turning point in the maze!

On November 2013, I wrote an article which I think highlights some pointers which if put into practice might help the situation. I still don’t think going to Brazil was an investment for Kenyan football and footballers; anyway everyone has the right to their wish and opinions.

Caption from 2013 article

The question to ask is Kenyan football growing or it’s on the brink of stagnation? Are we moving forward or back-tracking with our airwaves still dominated by the Barclays premier league? Leave alone our social lives, on the street you’ll hear the deep loyalty given to the foreign clubs which is also goes to branding our businesses, vehicles, houses etc. Does anyone think of developing the grassroots football?

Where is the competition witnessed back in the years 1997 -2002 during the Millennium tournament, Coca-cola tournament, ‘Koth Biro’ tournament just to mention but a few? Those were days when football was felt in the grassroots’ with teams like Swapo (Huruma), Otto-benecker (Mathare North), Sakayonsa ( Pumwani) among others were the home of talents for the great game we love. 

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