Saturday, September 13, 2014

Career Fair at St. Jude, Smith Campus, Arusha Tanzania

On 12th September 2014, I was honoured to participate in second annual Career Fair at St. Jude, Smith Campus located at Usa River across Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge.

All St Jude’s secondary students, invited guests, parents and teachers attended the event prestigious event. There were many activities lined up for the day from inspirational talk from invited speakers, talent show, exhibition by companies and institutions, students exhibitions, awards and appreciation and of course great lunch together at their prestigious institution fully equipped.

Different practitioners attended the event from doctors, lawyers, architect, engineers, accountant, human resource, business managers, pilot, social worker, graphic designers, bank manager, business owner, librarian, teachers, journalists, IT professionals, finance, photographer, just to name a few. More than 10 institutions around Arusha and beyond exhibited their programs at designated exhibition booths and Kilimanjaro Institute was well represented.

The main theme and objective of the event was to familiarizing the students with different life options that will insure that each of them makes the best and the most informed decision about their future. This year’s theme was, “Appreciating the diversity of career options and employment opportunities” and the goal was to raise students’ awareness of diversity in career options and employment opportunities.

Topic addressed during my speech: Talent versus education, how to use both to achieve excellence. It was a great day at St. Jude where I had the opportunity to inspire the students and also award certificates to the best performances during their annual career day.

Thanks for the invitation;

The School of St Jude
Secondary School at Smith Campus

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