Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Self Awareness - Lesson at KFI, Arusha Tanzania

I love teaching and sharing insights with the young people, in return I learn and discover new ways of either presenting by understanding their youth world from their own mirrors and lenses, It was a great privilege to conduct a session on Self Awareness at Kilimanjaro Film Institute where in attendance were 1st year and 3rd year students and some staff members.

This topic is dear to me and my tools for trade are always the SWOT analysis of Self versus Team and the JOHARI Window (A model for self-awareness,  personal development, group  development and understanding relationship)

Brief Lesson Outline;

  1.  Introductions; get to know to what extent the participants are aware of themselves by doing a self rating out of 100% and writing down three things they are good at and three things they need to work on. These notes are collected and we pick some similarities and differences in term of learning points. There’s no need of writing names on the notes…
  2. Group assignment; Each group was given a product to find the best way they could sell it in the marketplace within 3 minutes presentation. The groups were free to choose their presentation mode.
  3. Feedback from the facilitator
  4. Q & A.

This is a quick bullet list of the lesson I facilitated today, my style of facilitation is based on; participants presentation, group assignments, Question and Answers, some insights and examples, brainstorming etc.

Next time I'm in town send me an invitation to talk with your youth groups at zero cost
In the spirit of knowledge sharing society which is one of the philosophy at Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Pictures taken at the session;

Explaining the Johari's window and SWOT analysis as applied for teams and individuals
Participants presenting their ideas
Role plays; selling the perfume. How to pitch your idea within 3 minutes!
Feedback and Q&A session

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