Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don’t Lock Creativity in a Box.

The team’s performance can be triggered by many factors and top on my list is CREATIVITY which all sectors need to embrace from companies, Non–governmental organization, education sector,private sector just to mention but a few.

We should think of creative cultures, we are building around our work linked to the ecosystem we operate in, for example, in Information Communication Technology (ICT), business, architecture etc. We should not kill or compress creativity in small boxes with big padlocks labelled don’t touch. By opening a more flexible and well coordinated environment, it brings a new approach towards how our teams view the aspect of time, teamwork, process, quality, fun, valued etc.

Here are my SIX tips to think about in your creative process;

  1.  Creativity is a never ending process. 
  2. Everyone in the company is creative in one way or the other; it only depends on how you manage your process or how you define your structures, role, process (brainstorming, prototyping etc). Inspiration is everywhere and the eureka moment can come from any source.
  3. Creativity is both individual and team effort and it can be learned.
  4. Don’t victimize failure; celebrate all the steps because it presented opportunities for learning.
  5. Creativity is nurtured. Plant a seed and you will get a tree and the tree will produce fruits.
  6.  Most of the things can be learned over a period of time, it all points to doing what you love and loving what you do (Passion).
  7. Invest in your team, this isn't about money, but how do you value the aspect of time, for example doing a team building exercise together or visiting new places for inspiration. The more we see new things our brains stretches and stores new ideas and data, it compares what already archived with the current experiences, then triggers the new features which we express through many forms for example singing, drawing, dancing, writing, pictures, videos, design etc., 
"I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison 

 Here are some of my favourite videos on the same subject of creativity; 

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