Tuesday, March 17, 2015



There is a number of buttons you can choose to press when you are hit by the CREATIVE BLOCK; this is a situation where you can't think further in generating new ideas and solutions for an assignment.

Choose two of your favourite BUTTONS!

  1.  Panic button.
  2. Help button.
  3. Think more buttons.
  4. Relax button, I will do it later.
  5. Delete button.
  6. Question mark button.

Inspiration for creativity comes from many sources 
#Environment @ Arusha, Tanzania

Today my day was green :) I live and work at a place surrounded by many types of trees and farms with varieties of vegetations.

Just a few steps next to my office is the orange trees with almost ready to eat oranges dangling on the trees. Capturing the creative moment I decide to do something creative about the environment which is to advocate for a green Africa. Let us conserve the environment by planting many trees for a better future.

Tags: Photography, creative bubble, conceptualization.

Here is the artwork!

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