Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quick Design Review: The Making of Plus One Banner

Developing new concepts can be fun and at the same time intimidating. Here is a simple secret before you source for ideas from other existing sources. First, you need to visualize and brainstorm, not focusing on perfecting the idea from the start. Develop from simple steps what you have (the idea bubble) and let the bubble not burst by trying to steal ideas that aren't yours.

Make sure you sketch the idea on paper or draw it to your own interpretations. It doesn't have to be an award winning composition from the sketch, but it will pay handy as the master guide for the next process that will follow;

Start from paper then computer follows next...

Here is a banner that I designed for Plus One Talent Forum under Wilsen Initiative (Wi). We believe after the session the skills acquired will help in self development that will ultimately shape different career choices. Our main aim is to raise awareness about promoting self discovery and cultures that seek to strive for transformation of different realities in the young person’s life. For more please visit 

Steps: Designing the event banner Plus One Talent ( POT)

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