Sunday, April 19, 2015

The World of Work (WOW)

Many graduates aspire to either be employed or start their own ventures and become self employed. There are many entry points to getting your dream job, for example through apprenticeships, pro-Bono assignments, volunteer ship, recommendations, your family business etc. There are no short cuts to perform, it’s either you know what you’re doing and good at it or otherwise.

In the creative entrepreneurship course (crash course) that I facilitated in the 3rd year class at the Kilimanjaro Film Institute based in Arusha, Tanzania, we covered key issues that graduates ought to have in preparation for the world of work (WOW) namely;

  1. Personal Branding and development of Brand Identity.
  2. Business model canvas, Pitching, Presenting and Storytelling.
  3. Question: What’s in your tool box as a freelancer?
  4. Defining different road maps towards getting your dream job.

Below is a list of eight employability skills the working force is looking for in the 21st century and beyond;

  1. Communication skills.
  2. Planning and organizing
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Problem solving skills.
  5. Self Management.
  6. Initiative & Enterprise.
  7. Technology.
  8. Infinite Learning

In preparation for the world of work all graduates should ask themselves the biggest question what’s in their toolbox?

Here the toolbox illustrates your preparedness in the following aspect that contributes to the brand that you would like to create and leave a legacy. The following are sets of items that should be stored in your tool box either you are employed or self employed in any industry;

  • Skills: Mind set versus Skill set.
  • Knowledge: Your foundation for how things work, trends, best practices, process, product etc.
  • Brand: Position, Value, Unique Selling Point (USP), brand element, Brand narrative etc.
  • Portfolio: Show reel, client list, testimonial etc.

What else? There is more to add to your toolbox, so do your homework and competitive in your industry of your choice.

 @ Creative Entrepreneurship class Arusha, Tanzania

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