Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bio Empathy In The Creative & Innovation Process

#InspirationEverywhere #LearningCurve 

You may agree with me or not that sometimes we struggle to find the best color mix for either our designs, fashion, products, brand identity etc. There are many sources for inspiration and one of the greatest sources is in nature.

Just observe keenly, respect nature, related, builds hypothesis, understanding the big picture, relate to the ecological system, draft concepts etc. this is called Bio-empathy.

This process is part of my DNA as a visual creative designer and today I'm inspired by my surrounding which has found a place in my dress code today.

What is your number one source of INSPIRATION? Invite you to share yours and let us build a big list by joining the dots...

A great picture starts from the photographer's mind and not from the equipment used! My tool this morning was my mobile phone that help me capture my learning moments that has turn to be part of my DNA in the creative process.

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