Saturday, July 25, 2015

GES2015 - My Perspective

1. What’s your take on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

In my mind I would say, any country that consumes more than they can produce will remain poor or a 3rd world country forever, we should think  quality production that is enough for local consumers and can also compete at international markets.

We should revise our school curriculum to reflect the best practices that can be scaled in different industries for example in Tech-preneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Creative entrepreneurship etc. The bottom of the pyramid is to improve the lives of peoples and also think how sustainable are the ventures and can they inspire innovation for more job creation?

2. How do you suppose Kenya stands to benefit from this Summit?

Kenya stands to showcase its products and also not forgetting the human capital that has inspired different innovations. The attention and coverage that we will get also puts us in good radars for different trading partnership, investments, new innovation just to mention but a few.

3. In your opinion, is the Government of Kenya doing enough to bring more Ease of doing business in the Country?

The government is trying, even though there's need to look at the requirements that will attract more local and international investments and partnerships. The is also need to put great emphasis on how we can impact the local markets by having entrepreneurial models running in all sectors especially in the education sector. Entrepreneurship training should be a minimum requirement entry for all the job seekers which will shift the nation to more job creators. Lastly, the government needs to map who exactly is in the entrepreneurship sector and having a database that cuts across social classes would be beneficial  for collaborations, new ventures and a good example is in the Jua Kali sector.

4. Any other comment?

Entrepreneurship isn't an elite club, anyone can be one. You can be either in goods or service industry whereby your product meets some needs. As a country we should encourage our citizen to have the entrepreneurial mindset, character, behaviour and most important start and not worry of failing even though planning is paramount.

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