Sunday, August 23, 2015

#EmpoweringYouth Conventional Resume versus Digital Resume

On Friday 21st August 2015, it was a great pleasure sharing with Nairobits Students (Digital Garage Course) from Maji Mazuri and FHOK. The main points of discussion were;
  1. Preparing for the Job Market: Self Employed Vs. Employed
  2. Types of CV's ( conventional resume vs. Digital resume)The Birth of an Entrepreneur (Starting a business) etc.

The session started with everyone writing their own job descriptions which later we had a chance to sample a few. I urged the students to work toward creating their dream jobs by learning an extra skill in readiness for the same and on the other hand, if they are targeting employment after school they should do more research on the requirements and start learning today.

So where can we learn how to improve on our CV / Resume?

  1. Google, for example, of CV /Resume in your field. This isn’t to copy and paste, but to get an insight on what you need to have and how it is structured etc.
  2. At least not more than 2-3 pages and tailor your CV to the job you are applying for!
  3. Make one today and send to a mentor, a friend or coach for comments and suggestions.
  4. Do your research: There’s no generic (One fits it all) CV/resume or a standard way of doing it. Even though there are components that are must have. I advise the youth to have both the conventional CV and the digital resume; there are great free on-line platforms, for example, among others, don't forget to also improve your other social media presence like twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It is not a must to be in all but it is paramount to have a strategy because the content creation calls for a lot of time, skills, knowledge and commitment.

“Building your CV/Resume is a lifetime journey, start today and spread your wings to fly” Wilson Masaka

How to leverage on the available resources; 

Network Marketing
Social Media
Brand Ambassador’s
Distribution channels
Ask why are you doing it? Tapping on the need

The Philosophy: Build on your general knowledge base, acquire the relevant skills, learn the right tools, and join a progressive team of shared values and never stop learning… You will never be the same again.

Further Reading;

Reference for CV/ Resume writing

Google for more!

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