Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kick Start Your Journey!

#StartUP101 #LearningCurve #Youth101 #Mentorship Do you have an Idea for starting a project or business?

Think 1% ideas 99% Action - Inspired by Wilsen Initiative Plus One Talent

Key points you need to think about;

1. At what stage is your enterprise?
  • Concept Stage - Identifying the gaps, problems or challenges - Research
  • Pilot Stage - Testing the concept.
  • Implementation Stage - Setting up operations around your project, doing it and iterating as you move forward.
2. How will you fund your project?
  • Own Capital
  • Grants & Donations
  • External Investors 
  • Profits / surplus from sales and goods
  • Loans
  • Member's contribution
3. What is your Brand visibility?
  • Social media
  • Print media
  • Cause and campaign
4. How is it registered?
  • For profit
  • Non-profit
  • Company etc.
5. Recruiting team member to join you in your mission

  • Which is the best route to take?
And many more! Get in touch with me for a brainstorm and more insights that will kick off that first steps in your journey #IBelieve

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