Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The world is too noisy with many things that try to push us away from achieving our desired DESTINY, DREAMS, GOALS, VALUES AND PURPOSE IN LIFE.  Don’t give up and be assured from the rubbles of life CHAMPIONS EMERGE!
#StayFocus Stay focus like a high speed train on strong rails...
2016 is just around the corner and this is the time some of us make the New Year’s resolutions or plans to see us through the 364 days. I'm a big fan of systems, structures and strategy with a great insight for reflection and focus.
So what does this mean?
  • Reflection - Reflecting on how the old year has been and how many things I have accomplished. Nevertheless there's always midterm reflection and iteration to cement the goal.
  • Focus - Failures will always be there, but I'm always determined to stay on the rail and focus on what I have learned and accomplished. Every moment is a chance for learning and developing new solutions.
Here are 10 myths you need to stay away from in starting your business in 2016 and beyond.
1. Must STEAL to kick start your business.
Maybe you know or you have met people who have made it big in their business through corrupt deals; this isn't the default setting of starting a business, you can still make it with a sound savings plan and strategies before launching. There are three main things in my business diary which I call the3S in business, namely; Starting, Sustaining and Scaling up.
2. Must come from a RICH family background.
Coming from a rich family doesn't mean you have the best business ideas at your palm. You might have the required resources at your disposal but still miss the entrepreneurial character and behavior. You can still make it no matter where you come from for example through strategic partnerships and supportive networks.
3. Must start with a BIG TEAM
Starting a business doesn't require many people, by the way the fewer the better in terms of initiating the idea to the implementation stage. I would rather work with 2 to 3 people as opposed to 10 people in kick starting any idea from the grounds. This means effective and efficient decision making. Many ideas have died in the quarrel of big teams that try to have the most shares before starting the business.
4. Must be the GREATEST IDEA
Come to think of it there are many similar models in the market place and the only unique difference is in their values and strategies for implementations which include a passionate and dedicated team with admirable talents and skills. Don't spare a lot of time to be the greatest, but work around creating everlasting values in the ecosystem.
5. Must have a DEGREE
Business acumen doesn't require a degree to start a business. Many people have the knowledge and qualifications, but they lack the entrepreneurial l instincts, spirit, behavior and character to get off the grounds
6. Must make BIG profit margins at the start
You don't need to focus on big profits at the start, work on keeping the momentum and gradually grow into your desired figure
7. Must have No COMPETITION
Competition is part of the game and it’s here to stay, work on your market strategies and research on the gaps that you can fill with great influence and pride.
8. Must start with BIG Capital
Start small and target a realistic market as per your resources, There is no need of focusing on big dreams that requires millions to start but rather start with what you can reach.
9. Must quit your current occupation for example job, school etc
This depends with many factors, for example, you can still be employed while running a separate business with a partner, and the question is what type of employment? For school it depends on which level of schooling. Weigh your options before you decide and having mentors and coaches who are dedicated to see you succeed will come in handy in some situations.
10. Must not copy ideas
Copying ideas and giving them new life in your context isn't a bad thing. Stealing an idea isn't a great plan because you don't know what makes that business stand out and what invisible strategies they are using that you aren't familiar with, for example their value chain in business with a win-win approach  for example what they stand for, what they are known for and what they deliver into the market etc.

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