Monday, January 4, 2016

Mathare North Festive Season Football Tournament 2015 - 2016 - 4th Edition

#‎FootballDNA‬ ‪ Mathare North Festive Season Football Tournament 2015 -2016 it is a wrap! I enjoyed the 7 days of community service which tallied to my 54hours donated for coordination.

Mathare North Festive Season Football Tournament (MFSFT) is an annual event organized by Wilsen Initiative (Wi) together with the community stakeholders in football in Mathare North and its environs. During the festive season not everyone gets a chance to travel outside the city leaving many of the young people with no option but to indulge in non productive activities like abusing alcohol, hanging around doing nothing etc, thus the saying, an idle mind is a devil's workshop!

In this regards we have been organizing this tournament to engage the youth and the community through football whereby encouraging positive solutions in creating lasting impacts towards peaceful coexisting of people of different tribes, social class, and among other backgrounds thus the big banner the POWER OF THE BALL!


10 lessons that I  learned!

1. You have to be present by visualizing the flow of the event and all the games.
2. Team work and consultation where necessary.
3. Seek assistance where necessary.
4. Collaborate with others and appreciate their efforts.
5. Use the necessary available resources.
6. Effective and efficient communication.
7. Be and act professional without being biased!
8. Be flexible and be a good listener
9. Select dedicated, passionate and experienced individuals in your organizing committee.
10. Empathize!

We had the pleasure of hosting ten teams in the 4th edition of MNFSFT tournament namely;

1. Wazalendo F.C
2. Mathare North Rangers F.c
3. Metro Sports F.C
4. Dahila F.C
5. Real Sportive F.C
6. Mogra Star F.C
7. 11 Brothers F.C
8. T-Area Fc
9. 07Sports F.C
10. Ochibe Foundation F.C


Thank you note;

 I want to thank our councilor Mr. Oscar Lore for the support, all teams, volunteers, our fans, the community and and anyone else who played a part in the success of the 4th edition of the tournament. The road was rough and bumpy with sharp corners but we where able to reach our destination through our team which is dedicated and determined to make it happen.

Looking forward to the 5th edition this year! 2016 - 2017

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