Friday, April 8, 2016


‪#‎Friendship‬ Who is a great friend? In this busy world people choose and change friends based on many things for example;

1. Careers
2. Lifestyle
3. Salary
4. Wants
5. Needs
6. Values
7. Purpose
8. Situations
9. Work place
10. School life
11. Social class
12. Where you live
13. Status and achievements
14. Profession
15. Character, behavior and habits
16. Businesses deal / partnerships

What else and when is your switch applies?

‪#‎BankingInKenya‬ Don't CHASE a bank choose a bank! What determines a stable bank? Is it...

1. No. of ATM and branches
2. How old they have been in existence
3. If they are listed on stock exchange
4. Regional and international network
5. Products like interest rates
6. Financial reports liabilities vs. Asset

What else?

I'm now confused today another bank is closed! Will the members get their money? Where should I save my money?

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