Sunday, April 24, 2016

PartyVention - Fun and Recreation

Yesterday I had an opportunity to capture moments at the PartyVention event in Sam Mburu retreat in Karen.  I gave a motivational speech #MyStory on how young people can excel in their chosen careers applying the 3D and HD philosophy that I use in shaping my journey.

PartyVention is a youth event that combines fun, learning and networking among the young people. The idea was born to create alternative ways of having fun apart from what is considered the norm as portrayed in different arenas which sometimes paints the negative picture of young people.

The motivational talk – The Philosophy of  “HD and 3D” mode
  • 3D mode – Young people need to do more than one thing to achieve their career goals. The  secret is finding the right combination WHAT to do and WHY while always having the beginner’s mind of the quest to learn new stuff.   I’m  a visual communication designer , I combine Graphic design, Photography and Web development. On the side,  I’m open to new learning with an in-depth concentration in my chosen field, I’m a T-shaped person.
  • HD – High Definition mode thinking is based on making clear cuts of higher standards after research and focus to achieve the same. Learning the basics, techniques, tools and  forming a clear personal brand etc.
Part of best moments as captured +throughMyLens Photography

In case you have any event that needs photography documentation don’t hesitate to contact me on Wilson.masaka[at]  for better moments that will live many timeless years.
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